You know, every Spring we all go through the same routine. We can't wait for later sunsets, but we all complain about the time change. I get it. In one weekend we're supposed to just be OK moving out entire natural clock around? It really does take a toll on the body, and it's not just the out-of-shape/been hibernating all Winter bodies. Heart attacks spike an additional 25% this time of year, and they attribute it to the time change.

So how can I ease into it? Progressively start waking up earlier each day. I don't mean wake up at 5:45 tomorrow, 5:30 the next day, 5:15, 5am, etc... Keep it simple. The entire week leading up to the Spring forward Thanos snapping type of event, set your alarm thirty minutes early. You can split the difference. That thirty minutes isn't as taxing on your natural clock as the full hour is in one night. This will give your being a chance to ease into it. By the end of the week, you're used to it. Then on Sunday, you just either do it again, or do what I do each year.

As the leap in time forward comes, I've been waking up a half hour earlier each day. I like to spread my time change out a little bit, so wen Sunday hits, I correct my clocks, but I'll start sleeping half an hour later. It sounds like a bunch of time to keep straight, but in essence, you're still waking up at the same time. Then as you progress, over the next week or two, you can ease yourself back to your regular time in the new clock.

I think next year I'm going to try to just stay on daylight savings since normal time is such a short period. Get up and head to work at my natural time, but it'll be an hour early according to the clock. At least until we decide to finally just pick one or the other. It might be worth pressing your state legislators about this. Several states abstain from the time change, and more are looking to standardize as well. One time, year round, no more flip flop. I will happily take a later 6:30 christmas sunset in exchange for an earlier Summer 4am sunrise.

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