With all the peer pressure surrounding young girls today, it can be difficult to foster self-esteem in a society that often demands perfection -- "perfect" hair, "perfect" skin, and so on and so forth. In order to combat this harmful pressure, the Cadette Girl Scout Troop #22052 put together an incredibly cute and creative video that use Bigfoot to preach the beauty of being who you are and not following the crowd. The video itself was also researched, written, directed, and produced by the bright young women of the Troop.

The video begins with six Girl Scouts hiking in the woods complaining that they're lost, hungry and most importantly, they can't do a thing with their hair! They come across a sassy Sasquatch gal with perfect hair, and of course, they start clamoring to know her secret.

Enter the "Sasquatch Hair Tips," which spoofs the traditional beauty products commercials and challenges the idea that you need a certain product in order to look "good" and fit in. Most of the tips are common sense, which highlight the absurdity of spending money on often-useless hair products.

At the end, the sassy Sasquatch and the rest of the Girl Scouts remind their peers of one very important thing: the most important beauty tip of all is to be true to who you are and to always be kind to others. With a reported 72% of women feeling insecure about their looks, this video is a much-needed reminder for young girls who are so often negatively impacted by beauty campaigns and the superficial, looks first media machine that engulfs our society.

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