Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt issued an executive order ending the state's COVID-19 "State of Emergency" effective Tuesday, May 4th 2021 (05-04-21). In his address he stated that Oklahoma's COVID-19 number of new cases is down 94% from it's peak, the number of new cases per capita are among the lowest in the country. Hospitalizations are down 90% and have been stable for over two months. The numbers have certainly improved, a lot, over the past several months. This along with over 2.5 million Oklahomans receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations it's really made an impact on the virus and it's spread.   

The Governor also congratulated Oklahomans on their personal responsibility and efforts to protect themselves, their families and the most vulnerable citizens among us. Because of these efforts COVID-19 is no longer an emergency within the state. Oklahoma was also one of the very first states to re-open the economy and get back to work. Our unemployment rates are much improved are are better than the National average. Businesses are open and doing better and schools have re-opened and kids are back in the classroom. It's starting to look more normal, at least here in Oklahoma. While the numbers are improving we still have some work to do to completely rid ourselves of this virus and it's variants. The "State of Emergency" has been cancelled, but as the Governor mentioned we'll still need to remain vigilant and prepared.

This is great news! Of course some will disagree preferring to remain locked up, behind masks and separated from each other. There's concerns over variants of the virus and the possibility that the vaccines won't be a lasting immunity to COVID-19. So long as the numbers remain level and or falling like we've seen over the past couple of months we have to attempt to get on with our lives and return to what life was like before COVID-19. At least that's my opinion anyway. We might actually get a Summer this year, thank God!


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