The Great Plains Coliseum and Comanche County Fairgrounds in Lawton has reopened after being closed for the past several months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We're finally starting to see things loosen up and reopen throughout the state. The Oklahoma OURS (Open Up and Recover Safely) Plan is now in Phase III. This allows several businesses and other industry to reopen following all the current CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) safety and health protocols. Hopefully we can salvage some of the events at the GPC scheduled for this year.

Glancing at the official website and calendar we do have a few things in the coming months to look forward to. Unfortunately this years "Trykes N' Treads" Car Show has been cancelled. They announced the news on their Facebook page with the following statement: "Please note that due to circumstances beyond our control, Mountain Metro has cancelled Trykes N Tread for this year. We feel that having this one as close as the one scheduled for 2021 isn't fair to our sponsors, vendors and car registrants. We will be calling each one of the sponsors, vendors and pre-registered vehicle owners in the near future."  It's going to be strange not having "Trykes N' Treads" this Summer, the entire family looks forward to it every year. It just means next year will be even bigger and better!

One things for sure, COVID-19 had better not mess up our Oktoberfest. That would be the worst! I'm not too sure what the plans are, or if it's still a go. It's probably too early to tell but I'm keeping my fingers crossed, It wouldn't be Fall without it. Plus we're missing out already on all the "Eats and Beats Festivals" at the coliseum. Hopefully those will return soon. You gotta love food trucks and live music! Maybe we can get a few in before it gets cold.

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