He’s been tied to the whipping post, he’s suffered the Statesboro blues, and he’s been through crazy love, so it might seem like nothing can hurt Gregg Allman at this point — but the Allman Brothers Band frontman faced some scary medical issues last year, and now he’s using his music to help spread awareness.

Diagnosed with hepatitis C, which he says he picked up from a dirty tattoo needle in his 20s, Allman was forced to undergo a liver transplant last year, and his new lease on life has led to a flurry of activity – including his new album, ‘Low Country Blues,’ as well as a public campaign to draw attention to the disease.

“I’m excited to be working with Merck and the American Liver Foundation because there are many people who have been diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C, but aren’t taking action,” said Allman in a press release. “I want to tell them, don’t wait. Doing nothing is not an option; they need to talk with their doctor.

“I made the decision to take action and talk to my doctor, so that I could get back to making the music I love,” continued Allman, adding, “I want others to take that action too, and if I can help make that happen, I’ve done my job.”

Allman will next be seen with the Allman Brothers at a July 27 gig at New York’s Beacon Theatre, held to benefit organizations that support patients suffering from hep C.

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