City of Lawton Issues Water Boil Advisory For West Side of Town
There is a precautionary boil advisory issued on the afternoon of 7/31/20 for the West High Zone of the City of Lawton. This is the area bound by 61st Street on the east, 82nd Street on the west, Bishop Road on the south, and Rogers Lane on the north. Click here to see the map of advisory area.
‘Seven Psychopaths’ Creates a Fake NSFW PSA
Oh guerrilla marketing. 'Seven Psychopaths' was an audience favorite at Toronto's International Film Festival, and director Martin McDonagh is highly respected, but it takes a lot for a quirky film to find an audience these days. And so the film has now produced some snarky in-charact…
Gregg Allman Speaks Out To Increase Hepatitis Awareness
He’s been tied to the whipping post, he’s suffered the Statesboro blues, and he’s been through crazy love, so it might seem like nothing can hurt Gregg Allman at this point — but the Allman Brothers Band frontman faced some scary medical issues last year, and now he’s using his music to help spread …