You have to admire a person so dead set on exposing hidden and underestimated truths online that he faked a #1 rated restaurant in one of the worlds largest cities, London. It's astonishing. Of course, you know that you can just buy fake reviews for just about anything online. It's not even hard, you just Google "How to pay for fake reviews" and you'll be set to strike a deal and make it happen. But this thing go so big, people who couldn't get in wanted to make people think they could get in, so they left fake reviews themselves without even knowing this place didn't exist. This is now vain and narcissistic we've become as a species... ie - it's not what you know, but who you know is the key.

Trying to capitalize on what they're doing, just to see if they could, they decide to host people at this fake restaurant, in the back yard of his home. Hilarity ensues, and people are so dead-set stubborn on being someone, they gave rave reviews of what I'm sure is the English equivalent to grilled cheese and tomato soup, side of Kraft blue box mac and cheese. Rave reviews. Never underestimate the stupidity of narcissists.

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