Before you hop off and dye your hair six different colors of fad, this talented YouTuber is changing up Metallica's sound to make it sound like something you'd hear in an American Pie soundtrack. Switching the minor notes to majors. Now while we'd all love to sit here and think to ourselves "Yeah, I know what all that is..." Here is how Google describes it.

The difference between major and minor chords and scales boils down to a difference of one essential note – the third. The third is what gives major-sounding scales and chords their brighter, cheerier sound, and what gives minor scales and chords their darker, sadder sound.

Dark sad sounds are trademark Metallica... But this switch almost sounds like a heavier Blink 182, and the internet agrees.

So, naturally, people wanted to hear Blink 182 played with minors... And back when YouTube wasn't forcing 'premium content' and paid BS down you app all the time, you could find other little gems like this...

Now we just need to come up with a cover band... Blinktallica... Metali-182... Something like that.

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