This is one seriously bad a** car! Check out Ken Block's 845hp all wheel drive 1965 Ford Mustang! It was custom built by Ford for Hoonigan Racing team and specifically for Gymkhana. This car combined with the driving skills of Block are something to see. It's an unstoppable pairing that defines everything you thought you knew about motorsports. Gymkhana is basically auto racing on steroids! 

In his latest video 'Ken Block's Gymkhana Seven: Wild in the Streets of Los Angles' we see his new ride in all it's glorious action. Block's an accomplished rally driver, more like one of the best drivers period! For the past several year's he's been involved in racing Gymkhana which is a combination of rally and autocross. The focus is one the individual drivers skills and abilities. Courses include all kinds of obstacles and different turns, drifting, flats and advanced driving maneuvers. This is racing taken to extreme levels!

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