Remember the good old days when you only had to worry about hackers getting into your computer? Well those days are over! As more and more products include internet connected options and capabilities hackers are having a field day. From phones, tablets, televisions, home security systems, digital programming for T.V. and now smart vehicles. Hackers are able to affect more than just your computer, but every device that's connected to the internet. While a lot of these devices create conveniance they can also create security risks!

Hackers can do a lot of damage to your security, identity and even your personal safety. These hackers were able to completely control an SUV remotely by hacking into the vehicles on board computer systems. It's pretty scary stuff when you think about it. And with more manufacturers making smart vehicles I'm sure we'll be hearing more and more about these types of hacks. Now your car, truck or SUV can have viruses, not just mechanical malfunctions. Makes you wonder if it's even worth it, I'll keep driving my 1978 Ford F-150!

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