Over the past couple of days, several stories have surfaced about Oklahoma malls and stores using A.I. gun detection technologies. A thread on Reddit has comments from personal experiences of people who were at Penn Square Mall in Oklahoma City, OK. who were approached by security and asked if they were armed?

The person who posted and started the thread on Reddit said he was at Penn Square Mall in OKC and mall security stopped him and asked if he was armed, or had been around firearms. They told him that he had set off their gun detection system. The man wasn't armed and hadn't been around any guns so he was free to continue his shopping. So exactly what type of gun detection system or practices are they using, if at all?

Learn more about the use of A.I. gun detection from the video below

Other stories were posted to the thread and a few of them were from people who were carrying concealed. Like the story above they were approached by mall security and asked if they were armed. If so they were reminded of the mall's policy on firearms and asked to leave, or lock up the firearm in their vehicle if they wished to continue shopping. I guess the mall has posted that they do not allow firearms, even concealed firearms on the premises. Unless of course, you're law enforcement of some kind then it's permitted.

Most of the stories being told in the thread were positive. The interaction with mall security was professional and courteous. But it left a lot of people both armed and unarmed wondering what kind of system they were using. It's unlikely that the system scans or smells for traces of gunpowder, more than likely it's A.I. that monitors movement and a person's physical appearance. Basically looking for bulges, or an unusual gate while walking. Scanning for all the tell-tale signs of someone carrying a firearm concealed.

There are several different companies that offer A.I. gun detection systems

A few of the people commenting on the thread suggested that it could be the mall security guards themselves who are trained to spot concealed firearms which is entirely possible. If you know what to look for you can be very effective in picking out who's carrying and who's not. Now it's not always possible to tell as some people, especially those who are experienced at carrying concealed and are better at concealment practices won't "print" or move in a manner that suggests a gun is being carried concealed on the body.

Some even suggested that they could be using a form of thermal cameras to identify heat signatures to more easily see if a person is concealing a weapon. It's possible, however unlikely. Most A.I. gun detection technologies are only effective once a firearm is brandished. In other words, the cameras have to see a weapon to be able to identify it as such. These systems then notify the police and first responders that a gun has been displayed and a possible threat has been identified. While not perfect A.I. gun detection systems like these are more common and help speed response and evacuation times up in the event of a shooting.

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There's no telling how widespread these systems are and how common they are in the Sooner State. But, from what it sounds like Penn Square Mall in OKC is using something. From what we've heard there have been some recent threats by an Oklahoma City man who wanted to commit acts of mass violence. Oklahoma News 4 (KFOR) did a story on it, click here to read more. Between that and all the other insanity, we've witnessed over the past couple of months security just about everywhere has been tightened and on alert.

I certainly understand the increase and heightened security, however, I do question why they would approach and question lawfully armed citizens. I get it, it's their property, and if they want to restrict firearms and have a "no guns allowed" policy that's their right. I avoid places like this as much as possible, it's been proven that "gun-free zones" and places with "no firearms permitted" policies are among some of the most dangerous places you can be. Doubt that? Then why do over 90% of mass shootings take place in "gun-free zones?"

Because criminals with murderous intent know they have little to no chance of running into armed resistance. Anytime a place hangs a "no guns allowed" sign it's basically advertising "free-range victims with no bag limits inside." Being defenseless doesn't make criminals any less dangerous. If anything it emboldens them!

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