This past calendar year, for all of its annoying and concerning events, has been a banner year for outdoor life and exploration among people across the country. As events cancelled and entertainment venues closed, we were all looking for something to do without risking health or offending the Karen's. People opened their doors and stepped out into the wild world that is Oklahoma. Curiously famous for our smallest geographical designation, the plains, Oklahoma is hill country. On the Western half it's empty vistas of red dirt farm land as far as you can see. The Eastern half is lush with greenery and practical forests full of trees. The one ecological trait that ties all of the eco-regions together is mountains.

The mountains across the Southern portions of the state are the most famous as, well, they're the biggest... but there are many lesser mountain ranges within the borders that offer similar but different stunning views of the most unappreciated state in the nation. The Gloss Mountains are no different.

A few hours almost due North, just outside of Fairview, you'll find Gloss Mountains State Park. It's filled with curiously flat plateau type formations that make up the mountains. There are no peaks to summit, but one of the trails there is one for the books.

The Cathedral Mountain Trail isn't a "technical" trail by any measurement of hiking. It's more of a one and a half mile brisk walk that opens up to some truly stunning views of what little plains we have here in Oklahoma. According to reviews out there on the few various hiking websites I visited, this trail is praised for its ease and the fact it's never packed with people. Almost every review mentions staying on trail til after dark for some of the clearest and bright skies you'll find in Oklahoma. Checking out the incredibly small town around the area are just a bonus. If you take this trip, remember... The worse the cafe looks, odds are the better the food tastes.

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