I don't know about you, but for the holidays, I'm the family member that gives the wildly hilarious and off-the-wall presents.

For instance, the Big Cock Ranch seasoning sampler was THE gift last year...

It was a throwback to the year my mother mailed out a bunch of Whoop Ass chili mixes. Good laughs were had, and it was surprisingly a bunch of delicious seasonings.

But how do you top a present like that? Leave it to Hidden Valley Ranch and their attempt to stay the top-dog of ranch dressings with the Ranch Dressing Stocking to be gifted and hung above whatever you use as a mantle.

I'm not gonna lie, it's pretty hilarious even though I don't like that particular brand... I'm a Kraft guy through and through, but only because Mazzio's Pizza doesn't bottle their ranch.

It's a little steep for a stocking stuffer at $35+, but it would be hilarious for the ranch fan in your family.

If you'd prefer a cheaper alternative, just go straight for the ranch socks...

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