It's this time of year when the mornings start on the cool side and gently warm in the afternoon that you should be out in the Wichita Mountains taking in the outdoors.

Not long ago, the refuge was mostly closed due to high temperatures. While some called foul, it was understandable given this past summer's calls for emergency response, search and rescue. As the temps continue to fall, it's prime time to be out in it.

Some people like to camp this time of year. I'm one of them. Let the hardcore people have the 80°-90° overnights in a rayon tent, I prefer cool evenings and cold nights warmed by a campfire.

Of course, that's predicated on Southwest Oklahoma getting some desperately needed moisture and rain, which isn't likely with the current forecast models, for the time being, so pack the mummy bag rated for the 40s.

If you want to explore the mountains, but don't know really where to start, there are resources available to help guide you through every maintained trail offered... though as you cross trails off your list, some like to go exploring in the truest sense of the word.

Until you become familiar enough with the refuge, it's best to stick to designated trails for now. You can find maps and more information at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge Visitors Center, or by doing a little DIY research provided by Friends of the Wichitas or via

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