If you've ever hiked a trail out in the Wichita Mountains, you've probably crossed paths with a fellow hiking enthusiast that has gotten carried away. Sure, the trails can take you a few miles from your car, but when you're 11 miles from home, is there really a need for an expedition pack? A five-day water ration, food, and a scalpel just in case you get your arm trapped by a rock? It's almost like when you see bedrolls draped across a motorcycle for those long day trips to Medicine Park.

Don't get me wrong, I've been there before. I'm the type of person who can adopt a new hobby, and hop in with both feet. I didn't buy one pair of Crocs, I bought a pair in each color... Stanley would have worked, but Snap-On was the best... There's nothing weird about putting a $2000 lens on a $300 camera... Gotta have the best right? And I merely wasted my money if I'm not putting all that crap to work. It's just this video perfectly describes that personality trait in me and so many others. Luckily, as we mature, most people tend to grow out of it as they take on more responsibility. I still go a little overboard, but always end up back on deck.

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