Look at those perfect brats. A translucent natural casing, those little grill marks of caramelized crunchy goodness, just heating to the point they're ready to start spewing that little fine stream of piping hot brat-juice on your unprotected forearm. Grilling brats is the best. At least that's what I think. Hot dogs may be tasty on occasion, but come on... dogs are what you feed the kids. You've got to appreciate the brat to deserve one on my patio.

Speaking of dogs, here are some equally pretty dogs. A tube of mystery meat as American as Nic Cage stealing the Declaration of Independence. Though some might add that you need pickles, onion, mustard, and perhaps a little ketchup to make them palatable. Just about the only hot dog, where the actual frankfurter was considered delicious, may have been the revered Nathan's Famous they used to sell at Sam's. Now even that quarter pound of goodness has disappeared from the deli in lieu of something cheaper. It's close, but nobody makes Nathan's like Nathan's.


So with two sides, both of them mine, which tubular grill meat would you rather be flipping this weekend? Keep in mind, there really is no wrong answer. In fact, you should be cooking both. Hot dogs for all the kiddos, brats for all the adults... at least that's how my family did it back in the day until I was thirteen or so. Then I was aloud to share in that delicious sausage like a man.


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