Homemade guns are nothing new or illegal. It's perfectly legal to make your own guns, provided you follow the rules of law. This new desktop CNC machine makes it incredibly easy.

You might say "Well you can't own a gun without serial numbers." and you'd be wrong. You see, if you make your own rifle, due to the rules on the books, there is no tracking to be done with that firearm. In essence, once you make that rifle, it's yours. The only way to get rid of it to put a usable serial number on it and file it to the ATF. I believe it's a Form 1, but I'm getting off point...

This desktop CNC machine is a quick and easy means to an end for homemade guns.

You simply take your 80% lower (lower receiver that's only 80% manufactured at time of purchase) pop it in the rack, and flip the power switch. After a few hours, simply install the parts kit, upper assembly, and a stock. Done.

Of course this is all predicated on the notion you'll spend the $1200-$1500 this product is expected to cost.

That is where this fairytale hits a wall.

Are my fellow firearm enthusiasts really lazy enough to spend that kind of money? Probably. But in their defense, those we call 'lazy' are more than likely uninformed. I'll explain...

For years, the 80% lower has been elusive to non-machinists. It's a very tedious and exacting job to carve out that last twenty percent of aluminum. But it can be done at home, in the garage with a drill and an $89 jig.

Universal Drill Press 80% AR-15 Jig

Literally, you can use a drill press and that jig to carve our your one-off personal legal homemade AR-15 lower. Though, I will add that the company recommends using a router in conjunction with a bench vise jig.

Again, it's completely legal. And yes, due to the lack of serial, the gov won't know you have a new firearm... but since when was owning guns any of the governments business? (Never is the correct response)

And yes again... The collective idiots out there are going to call such freedoms as "untraceable guns" and junk... And try to stay calm when they forget to use their brain in such suggestion. It's perfectly legal as defined by their government. It's not like we're sending thousands of guns to the cartels in Mexico... That's the ATF's thing, not ours.

If anything, you should use this as a conversation starter the next time the conversation lulls. I promise, whether they be for or against such freedom, the vernacular is usually pretty spirited.

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