As you'll see, the story goes like this... Spencer Boston was recently ticketed in his town of Lebanon, Tennessee for possession of marijuana. Naturally, as with any ticketed offense, you have to please in front of a judge to start the legal process towards resolving the matter. Because Spencer believes so much in his rights to have and use marijuana, he staged a bold protest, lighting up a joint in court. He's immediately arrested.

His argument is one we've all heard before. His reasoning is, it should not be against the law. I agree with that. While it's really not my thing, I believe he's right. I don't see any difference between weed and whiskey... but as the judge so correctly states, just because it "should" doesn't equate to "it is." In other words, this judge agrees and supports Spencer's belief, but as he's sworn to uphold the law, he has to uphold that law. I don't believe either in this case are wrong. Well, sparking up in a courtroom is wrong, but if he didn't, nobody would be talking about it.


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