It's the great Christmas Light debate. A question that has plagued mankind since the earliest beginning of exterior holiday lighting. So exactly when do you hang up your lights? When is too early or too late? What's the perfect time or date to decorate the outside of your house for the holiday season? Well, we're still in search of answers to this question, but we want to know your thoughts on the subject.

I think most people, or at least the answer we hear most often is right after Thanksgiving. That seems to be the most popular time to hang up the lights and get the outside all decked out for the holidays. This year people are getting into the spirit early. We've seen several houses all lit up since early October, at least in some neighborhoods anyway. It's understandable, in 2020 we could all use some extra Christmas spirit.

I usually wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving to put up the tree and do any outdoor decorating, this year was no different. For me the Christmas season doesn't officially kick off until you see Santa Claus at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, then it's game on! I know some people don't start decorating until December 1st or even the middle of the month. I think that's a little late, I mean it;s a lot of work to do all that decorating just to have it up for a few short weeks before it's boxed and put away.

If you are decorating and your house is all ready for the holidays send us a pic. We're trying to help spread a little holiday cheer with "Light up Lawton, Fort Sill." You could win $250.00 just for entering thanks to our friends at Chick-fil-A on Cache Road. So submit a photo of your place with all your decorations and lights both inside and out. Click here to submit a picture and get all the details for "Light up Lawton."

In the meantime take the poll below and let us know when you prefer to hang your Christmas lights.

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