Imagine coming face to face with some of the most infamous characters from the Victorian era and Christmas past. If you're at all familiar with the Charles Dickens classic 'A Christmas Carol' then you'll certainly recognize some, if not all of these famous people, creatures, and even ghosts.


The Victorian Walk in Guthrie, OK. is one of the most amazing and unforgettable holiday happenings in the Sooner State. This special event sees downtown Guthrie transform and go back in time to the Victorian era. Walk the streets and experience period-correct sights, sounds, and people dressed in Victorian style.

Visit the steampunk section of the Victorian walk in Guthrie, Ok. this holiday season Guthrie Haunts Guthrie Haunts

The entire town is decked out for the holidays with some of the brightest and most beautiful lights and displays. All the downtown shops and restaurants are open and their windows are dressed and decorated for the season. Enjoy tasty treats, drinks, and find the perfect gifts for those on your Christmas gift list this year.


Adding to all the holiday merriment and Christmas spirit you can visit 111 East Oklahoma Ave for Guthrie Haunt's steampunk block. This is where you'll find the infamous characters mentioned above. The talented actors of Guthrie Haunt Screampark are wandering the streets in the steampunk block waiting to see you.

The Victorian walk in Guthrie, OK. is not to be missed and fun for the entire family Guthrie Haunts Guthrie Haunts

Now if you have smaller children or are easily scared remain calm, all is well and there's no need to panic. You'll only find these seasonal spooks in the steampunk area and not in the regular sections of the Victorian Walk. So if you'd rather not bump into these ghostly characters stick to the main walk and you'll be good.


Make plans now to attend the Victorian Walk in Guthrie, OK. It's scheduled for Saturday (12-02-23) and on Saturday (12-09-23) from 3:00-pm until 9:00-pm both nights. Miss it and you'll have to wait an entire year until it returns in 2024. They also have all kinds of other holiday happenings scheduled.

The steampunk section is located on the 100 Block of East Oklahoma Ave in Guthrie, OK. Guthrie Haunts Guthrie Haunts

I've never had the opportunity to go, so I'm thinking this will be the year. I know the entire family would enjoy it and it would make for a great day trip, staycation, or quick weekend getaway. I've been to Guthrie several times but never during the holidays. It's known across the state as the Christmas Capitol of Oklahoma.


For more information on the Victorian Walk, you can visit the official website or check out Guthrie's Territorial Christmas Celebrations Facebook page. Hit play on the video below for a sneak peek of what you can expect when visiting Guthrie, OK. during the holiday season. It's easy to see why they're called the Christmas Capitol of Oklahoma. Hopefully, the family and I can make it for the Victorian Walk this year.

Watch the video below for more on Guthrie's Territorial Christmas Celebrations

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