While we've had some pretty gentle Summers over the last few years, it seems that the heat is back in 2019 with vengeance! Brutally blowing past that three-digit mark, making even the fun stuff like swimming, lake stuffs, and even the splash pad mildly miserable. But there are some easy cheats to keep yourself cool.

While you might assume that this information is common sense, you have to realize the general public, and how much of that GP is made up of millennials and Gen-Y. While their Google game is strong, the obvious isn't so obvious to that group.

Check out the video, and take this advice. If you're outside getting overheated, don't consume cold beverages. Google 'Cold Water Shock' and you'll know how to avoid a miserable experience.

Also, in a pinch, running cool water over your forearms is a quick way to cool yourself down. Notice that doesn't say "ice water." If it's too cold, it could cause cramping, shock, and even seizures in small children. Cold water from the tap is cold enough and usually does the trick in a minute or two.

If you still aren't getting cooled off, try soaking a hand towel in that same cool (not ice cold) water, place it either under your armpits or in your groin. If that doesn't cool you off, you might be experiencing heat exhaustion or worse, a heat stroke. You're gonna need to call in the experts for that.

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