So the City of Lawton is mandating a mandatory face covering starting sometime next week for anytime you're outside the home. Besides the obvious "Is my yard considered home?" or "Do I have to wear it in the car since our Castle Doctrine defines my vehicle as an extension of my home?" This incredibly unpopular proclamation by your mayor, supported by your city council sure is making a buzz online. While I'd love to pile on, it seems the masses are doing just fine by themselves. Instead, here's a helpful, quick, short tutorial of how to make a few different DIY masks.

Luckily, as I run a hobby spay/neuter shop out of my garage, I've got a few masks laying around. If you aren't as lucky, there are ways you can appease the Lords of City Hall so that it at least looks like everyone is doing what they can... even though DIY masks are proven to have a very, very limited ability to keep you from contracting the coronavirus.

You might as well not stick around in the video for the third mask created from a bandana as they are still somehow illegal to purchase in Lawton...

For the record, because I can already imagine the Army of Karens contacting my boss... I don't spay/neuter animals out of my garage. That's just hyperbole.

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