If you look around the web, it's full of meth and various other drug and alcohol related busts that go from zero to one hundred really quick... but they don't all happen that way. Meet Raj's friend, I think he called himself Tymryn. He's hanging out, in his car, alone, just chilling in nowhere Alameda County, California. With loitering being a crime in the worlds most freedom-less state, the sheriffs department decides to intervene.

Despite being super polite and completely cooperative, Tymryn is instantly put in handcuffs while being detained for loitering. When this deputy finds a small bag of drugs, that someone apparently tossed in Tymryn's car without him knowing, they automatically assume he's to blame. Even when they see his utter shock and confusion when they find a meth pipe in his door, they further assume it's his. These meth-planting bandits even haggled a hooker on his phone while he got a little shuteye. Now, sure, his tongue showed the telltale signs of meth use, but given that he's recently eaten a kebab, it's circumstantial at best.

This might be the greatest bust video on the internet. Tymryn has an answer for everything, and even when he realizes he's truly busted, he still remains polite. Which is a trait every drug addict should rise to. If you find yourself in that situation, be like Tymryn. Go peacefully so you can go again someday.

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