It seems that you hear the Oklahoma adage every year... "Those sirens mean go outside and see the twister!" But that's not solid advice to give, well, anybody. Don't get me wrong, I'm a true adopted Okie... When I hear those sirens go off late at night, if I'm comfortable wrapped up in my bed, I'll roll the dice on it being my time to go. But for the most part, while it's been rare in Lawton proper, it's good to prepare for the big one.

Bottled water is a staple to any disaster prep package. As are spare batteries, but we don't really use devices with batteries anymore. It might be more prudent to invest in a cheap crank radio and a large power bank for your cell. Flashlights if you choose, but these are also available in the battery-less crank versions, as well as really cheap and efficient LED rechargeable varieties. You'll also want to stash some empty ziplock bags in their too, you know, for your electronics and chargers.

Blankets are a good thing to have in your designated space, as are spare pillows. I keep my old motorcycle helmet in mine. You'll also want to let your loved ones or close neighbors know where your spot is. That way, if you're the unlucky one on the block that day, at least they'll know where to start looking.

While everyone has grand intentions of their disaster prep and safe area, it's often more prudent to focus on the few basics that make the most impact. While comfort is king, the more you add to the list, the more you'll forget.


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