Since Spring sprang late, and tornado threats are still present, you might give this a look as the state continues to open back up to normal life. It's The Weather Channel's ridiculously immersive 'Mixed Reality' presentation on the subject. No, it's not hyper realistic as you would expect CGI to be, but it really drives the point home as to what is happening, and how you can survive a super rare phenomenon on the road.

The real shocker is their advice on overpasses. For years and years, we've been taught to take shelter from a tornado under an overpass if we're caught out on the roads in bad weather. I can remember getting this lesson in grade school as a part of weather safety week, but as you'll see, that's a terrible place to be. An overpass compresses the winds, making them immensely stronger within the structure. It's nothing for 100 mile per hour winds to speed up as much as double as a storm passes through an area like that. If you've watched the 1996 classic Oklahoma filmed "Twister" as many times as I have, you'll know this is what Dusty calls "The suck zone." Or in reality, as it's not the vacuum that pulls you out of an overpass as much as the blowing wind, so it should technically be called "The blow zone."

One thing The Weather Channel really gets right is their augmented video infotainment segments. Since roads aren't being repaired as fast as our elected officials keep promising us, you might go ahead and give the Flooding Roads 101 video a view. It could save your vehicle or your life when moderate to heavy rains fall inside city limits.

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