Over the Summer, I've spent nearly every weekend driving to new fishing lakes across Oklahoma. I've always worked most weekends, and since 2020 has changed everything, I've had more time on my hands. Plus, I found the Oklahoma Fishing Trail over at TravelOK.com. Now I'd never be the person to actually admit that I had grown tired of fishing, I could fish everyday... but even I'll admit when those last remaining really hot days at the end of August, start of September get here, fishing is just plain tough. Luckily, September 1st is when the Fall hunting season kicks off in Oklahoma, and if you like the challenge of hunting the hardest bird in the world to hit, dove season is one for you.

As fun as it sounds, there's a little problem... Where can you hunt dove? Having spent most of my adult life in SWOK, my answer to that is a little easier than it is for most. I know a guy that knows a guy that gave us written permission to hunt on his lands way out West. You might not be as lucky. The answer isn't to give up and go back to the man cave, you'll want to take a look at hunting opportunities on public lands over at TravelOK. Most of these places are a good drive from Lawton, but like me, you'll have luck finding a place to stay over there too. Whether you're looking for the ultimate lodging in a fancy literal lodge, hotel, motel, or just a cabin to rest your eyes and feed your hunger. That's the beauty of TravelOK.com. It's a one-stop kind of experience. You can hop on the site or download the app and instantly start planning your next destination exploration, from the things you'll want to see on the way there, the entire stay, things to entertain the kiddos, and a different route home to see even more new and interesting places.

While I wasn't lucky enough to have a banner dove harvest personally, I sure did enjoy the time away in nature and new places. Small towns along the way that have a definite charm to them. Places like Corn, Burns Flat, and Cheyenne where you can feel the history just driving through on your way to wherever you're going. Don't settle for yet another boring 2020 weekend... Explore this state, you'll be surprised just how amazing it is.

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