After seeing it on tv and in the movies, you have a pretty natural go-to highlight reel of what you think funk is... but if you're like me, when you hit play, your eyes are opening to a whole new world of what the 70's were like.

Maybe it's because television and the movies often portray funk as some weird universal cross between the beatnik dancing in Pulp Fiction and an old fashion wedding chicken dance. Lots of arm movement, small feet movements. I always pictured soul and funk like James Brown... small but busy feet. Now I find out it was more like Elvis and his ridiculously overzealous stage kung-fu.

Honestly, look at these people move. It's like watching a soulful Michael Flatly, Lord of the Dance... Like their legs aren't even attached to their bodies!

I don't know about you, but this looks like way more fun than Hollywood would have you believe. Like, this should be the next generation of mosh pit or something. How bitchin' would that be?

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