Welcome to Australia. Where road warriors sink thousands of dollars into hundred dollar cars... Sort of.

Australia is extreme. It's home of the deadliest everything, toughest trucks, hairiest women, and some of the coolest cars on Earth. You see, their idea of 'muscle' cars aren't those born through the 60's and 70's that we know in America. Their muscle cars are more in line with Europe, Great Britain, and Japan. Small cars that handle well stuffed full of powerful motors.

Take the Mad Max V8 Interceptor. It's a real car down under. A Ford Falcon to be exact. One of the coolest fugly cars to ever be produced. It's like someone had spare parts from a Firebird, Cutlass, Mustang, and something I can't put my finger on from the guys at Mopar. With some determination, they made a car. It was small, light, and had a V8 in it. Muscle to the bone.

Nowadays, when you think Australia, you can't help but envision bad beer, Subaru, and cars with pickup truck beds on them... Glad to see there are still some badasses down there.

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