It's starting to get colder outside, especially in the mornings with temperatures around 35 degrees and even some mid 20's this week. Pretty soon the once occasional cold day will be the norm for awhile and we'll be stuck at freezing temps until late Winter, early Spring. As it gets colder and colder you might end up having your hand sanitizer freeze if you left it in your car overnight. So what do you do with frozen hand sanitizer? 

If your hand sanitizer freezes you need to throw it away. The cold and even freezing it doesn't effect sanitizer, or at least good hand sanitizer. If yours becomes frozen it more than likely means that it doesn't contain enough alcohol. Proper hand sanitizer contains a lot of alcohol, which of course is what sanitizes your hands. Most alcohol, rubbing alcohol including what's in hand sanitizer shouldn't freeze until it reaches a temperature of around -50 degrees. So it's got to get incredibly cold before it actually freezes.

Now there are a few alcohol free hand sanitizers on the market and some say they're every bit as effective as alcohol based products. However, you would know it's alcohol free with the labeling and product descriptions. Just regular every day sanitizer most of us buy in the stores is alcohol based. So keep in mind if you find your bottle frozen in your car it's not good hand sanitizer, isn't effective for killing germs and should be disposed of immediately.

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