A few years ago, to capitalize on the popularity of outdoor dining, someone way up in the Northeast figured out they could pop little igloos on top of their roof to both boost sales and accommodate outdoor diners during times of cold and winter weather. It only took a global pandemic and a spike in Oklahoma cases to bring that trend to the Sooner State.

Welcome to Welltown Brewing in Tulsa, OK. A neat little brewery pub just outside the city center/downtown area of T-Town, where you too can reserve a private dinner and drinks with your trusted rona-free friends and family for a night of worry-free eating out.

I'll be honest with you, I still haven't been kosher with going back to restaurants. Since Spring Break 2020, I have been to two meals at restaurants. I was a little anxious about a shared meal with an old friend at Buffalo Wild Wings a few months ago, there were a ton of people in there, but we were lucky enough to score a seat in the depths of the bar. Another time I was at Rib Crib for a solo lunch, and the only soul in the entire place. It was awesome. If more restaurants adopted this fast growing trend, eating out would be easier I think for those who believe the rona is more than just a bad cold or some liberal hoax.

All the same, I don't know of a single eatery in Lawton that could do this rooftop. I camped on the Sheridan Road Burger King for a few nights a decade ago, so I say this with a heartfelt experience, hard pass... but there are plenty of ways to move this trend into the various outdoor spaces to enjoy something kind of unique. Of course, you'll still have the common denominator waitstaff possibly spreading germs between tables, but that's totally your call on whether you'll risk it or not. Come to think of it, I can't even think of an eatery close enough to an area you would want to overlook. Maybe we need to work on that and plan accordingly for next winter. Still, a super cool idea.

If you'd like to have the big city experience, take a weekend drive to Tulsa. Make your reservations here.

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