Well, here we are in the middle of Snowpocalypse 2021 in Lawton, Fort Sill and Mother Nature isn't done with us yet. So far on the East side we've gotten somewhere between 5-7 inches. At least that's what I have in the middle of my front yard, unscientifically measuring the flattest part where there are no drifts. It might not be the best way to measure, but it'll work. From what they're saying we're expected to get even more snow tomorrow and the next day, we won't get above freezing until the weekend so it'll be around for a while.   

If you don't have to get out don't. You're better off staying home where it's warm. Not only is there tons of snow, it's crazy cold out there. The roads are pretty bad, especially in the neighborhoods. Hopefully you got the "Bread & Milk" before it hit and are prepared for a few days, maybe a week of being stuck at the house. I know a lot of people are working remotely if they can and others, like it or not, have to truck across the frozen tundra to work, myself included. Be careful out there and take it easy.

While it may not be idea to be stranded indoors at the house, it could be a lot worse. The family and I are taking the rare opportunity to spend time together. It's not very often where we're all home together at the same time, so why not have a little fun. We decided yesterday that we'd make the best of it and enjoy each others company and do our best to not get bored and irritated. Sure, it's a BIG ASK but so far so good.

I can't remember the last time we all played a board game together. As it turns out the entire family are Monopoly pros and the competition is fierce. After the board and card games we hit the living room, snacks in hand for video games. There's nothing like having your 15 year old daughter destroy you in Mortal Combat, complete with finishing moves and maximum trash talk. Humbling, yet hilarious! After that we usually pick out a movie or 2 taking turns so we all get to watch something we like.

The rule is we all have to watch, no one leaves or goes to their room. We've watched all kinds of movies as each person makes their pick. Of course it's my mission to pick out the absolute worse titles I can think of. Tons of B-Horror and really bad sci-fi movies, so bad that even Elvira herself wouldn't show or hit play on. The best part is the entire family gets into the riffing and making funny comments throughout the film. It's like a live version of Mystery Science Theater. It's a blast and now we're trying to out do each other with horrible movies and comments. This is quality time!

Arts and crafts are on the agenda too as we break out all kinds of unfinished projects and hobbies we've neglected over the years. So we have a little bit of everything going on at the house, more than enough to break up the madness and monotony of being stuck indoors for the next few days. Hope you're making the best of it too and are able to spend some time with family and friends. By the way if you haven't watched "Bubba the Redneck Werewolf" yet you're missing out!

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