Oklahoma has endured the most active Fall tornado season in state history. This past month in October there were around 31 tornadoes reported, making October 2021 a record year for tornadoes in the Sooner State.

Luckily for us Lawton, Fort Sill made it through without any tornadoes, other places weren't so lucky.

A group of storm chasers made the trip to Oklahoma to get up close and personal with the tornadoes last month. These people are nuts! While most of us are trying to avoid these storms, they go charging headfirst directly into them. It's not done in vain though. We can all thank them for their bravery and hard work.

Because of their efforts, we now know more about severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and how they develop and move. The data they collect is invaluable to help predict storms and gauge their severity.

Hit play on the video below to see some insane footage of some of the tornadoes that Team Dominator chased in October. The video comes from YouTube channel Reed Timmer of Team Dominator.

These guys are fearless in their attempts to chase, and even catch tornadoes. The name Reed Timmer should sound familiar to you, especially if you've lived in Oklahoma for a while.

Reed Timmer was a storm chaser for KFOR-TV's on the 4WARN Storm Team. He also stars on Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers and in the documentaries Tornado Glory and Tornado Chasers.

He's pretty much seen and one it all when it comes to storm chasing. Maybe you've seen him running around in the Dominator Fore. He was recently in the area chasing tornadoes out at the Wichita Mountains.

He actually drove through the storm that produced a tornado and captured some crazy video of it. He's been patching up the Dominator Fore with Flex Seal Tape, you'll see that in the video above too. That poor car has been beaten to hell and back! But, from what we hear the Flex Seal Tape worked and kept him dry.

Check out his YouTube channel for more videos and his official Twitter feed. You can bet if there's a severe storm and the chance of tornadoes you'll see him in the area and online giving chase. So if you ever see him in Lawton, Fort Sill you might want to consider seeking shelter, his presence it's not a good sign.

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