It's almost impossible to tell who the winner is in a contest of absolute destruction, but it's pretty fun to watch!

Now, Blendtec has been blending everyday things for the better part of ten years or so, and why wouldn't they? They claim to make the best blender, and they do a great job making it look so on YouTube.

That doesn't mean they haven't seen their fair share of controversy though. Other videographers claim Blendtec 'manufacture' their results. Take RatedRR's video for instance. They try, and try, and try to 'blend' an iPhone 6 Plus in an identical blender, and it just won't do it... they called shenanigans...

Not only accusing Blendtec of using camera cut-away tricks, but also of 'adding powder' to make it look like it blended. See below.

Maybe we'll never know, but when RatedRR gets through with their 6-day iPhone 6 torture test, I'll cover the bases and post them all up for you.