He sure is cute but he is also a rude, crude, pot-smoking, foul-mouthed teddy bear aptly named Ted. But would you expect anything different from the creator of “Family Guy”?On the outside, Ted is a fairytale intended only for the adult population. Friendless young John Bennett receives a teddy bear for Christmas one year and wishes he were real. Bippity boppity boo, his wish was granted. But beneath the surface you find a unique twist on the classic love triangle and “bros before hoes” dilemma.

Lori, Josh’s girlfriend, lives with him and Ted. While it seems highly implausible that any woman would continue to date a guy who lives with his talking teddy bear, is it really so different from a man rooming with his best friend? Oddly enough, Josh’s seemingly strange relationship with his childhood teddy bear is not Lori’s main concern. She fears that Josh is limiting himself and that Ted may be holding him back. After all, Josh wished Ted into existence, so how could Josh ever let go of his walking, talking security blanket?

Then again, why would Josh ever even want to? He’s got the life every guy wants—working a menial job and getting stoned with his best friend every night, plus he’s got a hot girlfriend. So what if his best friend is a bit unconventional? Ted is the only real friend Josh has ever known, so keeping Ted around and living in perpetual adolescence is really all he needs.

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Ted and Josh share numerous inside jokes, a bong every night, and a lifetime bond that most people only dream of with their childhood friends. But Lori can only stand this relationship for so long. She wants more from Josh, so Josh must eventually choose between the flesh-and-blood woman he loves and the stuffed, plush teddy bear he has loved since he was a kid.

While vulgar, crass, and highly inappropriate at times, Ted, starring Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, and Seth MacFarlane, is also one of the year’s funniest films, surprisingly heartwarming, and the bearer of 106 minutes of entertainment.

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