So the story goes... I was out at lunch with a few friends recently, first time since February. While the group wasn't as large as it used to be, it was nice to have that little nugget of normalcy back in the work week. While it got off to a kind of slow start, the conversation eventually picked up, and it was any other average lunch we'd ever shared. Naturally, politics came up since that topic has permeated every facet of everyday life over the last decade of so, and one of my friends said something familiar and disheartening.

"Is there any point to voting in Oklahoma?"

The point being, Oklahoma is historically the "reddest" most conservative state in the nation, what's the point in casting their individual vote one way or the other? I understand the sentiment because I long held the exact same thought... What's one vote in two million? I've also not voted in an election since 2004, but not because I didn't think it made a difference... I just didn't want the hassle. I didn't want to go through whatever the process is or was to register to vote since I'm constantly traveling and rarely in one place throughout single a presidential term... Oklahoma's a given republican vote, why waste my time?

As I matured, I realized it's not about one vote changing an election. It's more or less about an individual declaring their opinion on the highest level. Sure, your choice might not swing the state, and your candidate might still lose, but at least you stood up and let the system know what you think.

In 2020, the mail-in ballot has become such a talking point, I figured I could still skip the registration process and send off for a ballot from my original registration place. Turns out, that's exactly what happened. I ordered a ballot, filled it out, got it notarized, sealed it up, and mailed it back. I was able to voice my opinion without even having to leave the office. As terrible a year as 2020 has been, it sure has made other aspects of everyday life simpler and easier.

Now staying true to my beliefs on any persons opinion, my personal politics aren't your business. They're mine. Samesies for your personal politics. The important thing to take away from this is, regardless of how you think things will turn out, you should be a part of it. Especially when you can have the ballot mailed to you to fill out in your own time. One vote won't swing such a big election, but there's no reason you shouldn't have a hand in it either way.

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