Speed Skaters Attacked at Sochi Winter Olympics [VIDEO]
A shocking video has surfaced of speed skaters being attacked at the winter games in Sochi, Russia. The Olympics will be wrapping up today, while the U.S. isn't out front for the medal count we do have more gold than any other country. After seeing this I realized why Russia is winning so many …
Sochi Winter Olympics Recap!
The 2014 Winter Olympics came to a close on Sunday with the host nation on top of the medal standings. Here's a recap of the final weekend of the Sochi Games:
Best Gif's of the Week
Each week, I dedicate a lot of wasted time to seek out the best gif pics I can find. The past two weeks, it's been pretty much Olympic mania! Understandably because there's a ton of awesomeness in Sochi. Along with Olympians being awesome, there was also Kate Upton. Words just cannot descr…

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