Once again, we're taken to the heart of Hill Country, North of San Antonio, Texas. Meet Dr. Matt. He's a veterinarian and a huge fan of our unique American rights. He runs the ultra-popular YouTube channel Demolition Ranch... and Vet Ranch... and Off The Ranch... He's all over YouTube, and for good reason. He likes to create a little contained carnage in the sticks.

Here, he's testing out the Magnum Research BFR. A revolver created by the same people that gave us the DEagle, for the same purpose... because they could. It's chambered in 45-70 Gov't. Smaller diameter than the S&W 500, but terminally, a ballistic masterpiece of a classic round. If you remember, it's the round made famous in Quigley Down Under. It's an old West round, and still the top of the heap! But you can call shenanigans. I sure did. While it is an impressive rifle round, putting it into a pistol doesn't make it a pistol round. Plus, I'm a die-hard 500 fan, so it has to remain the king of all others.

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