I'll never forget the day my parents came home with a crazy fast 486 PC and a couple of 3.5" diskettes to install something called "The Internet" back in 96-ish... My older sisters and I were astonished how an entire encyclopedia library fit onto a handful of CD's. You could find random chat rooms and learn about people from different states. It was also our first taste of mass gaming, like, with other people around the world. Everybody played the Microsoft pinball game, but websites like Yahoo! had dominoes, checkers, and chess that connected with random people across the globe. I was addicted, and my love of technology only grew larger when my cousin bootlegged a copy of DOOM for me.

If I remember, the biggest internet browser company was Netscape Navigator. It was a crazy time. Only important and rich people had cell phones, they weighed a ton. The idea of watching videos on a computer wasn't even on the spectrum yet. It was all text and color, depending on the websites. It was a glorious time of pure ignorant bliss.


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