While it's not a very popular sport in a geographic area called "The Plains," motorcycle hill climbing is one of the highest stakes extreme sports in the world. You have no cage, no seat belt, and no protection from what will inevitably happen as you try to conquer Mother Nature... Spoiler alert, Mother Nature ain't in to the freaky stuff like being dominated.

All across the Northern Hemisphere, extreme sports fans are gathering at the base of tiny mountains just to see if anyone can get up there. The object is simple. Start motorcycle, catch second gear, drop clutch, go baby go. It works out about half the time for those involved on most hills across the world. This, however, is no average hill...

Welcome to Belgium, home of The Impossible Climb event at Andler. A sandy, loamy hill capped with jagged hardscape. It's slippery on the bottom due to loose soil, and slippery on top due to slick rock. This makes for one of the only unconquered hill climb events in the world, though technically, one rider did manage to get the front wheel of his Suzuki over the finish line once, but even so, he instantly fell back down the hill, bike in tow. It makes you wonder what these guys have flowing through their veins.

It's important to note, this isn't the only hill climb event that's never been beaten... there are plenty of them scattered across the world. This is just the most notorious. You can't beat it with speed, power, equipment, gear, etc... Someone will just need a little luck and a lot more skill.

Also, this guy is convinced he's caught a duck... it's not a duck.

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