While deer season has come and gone in Oklahoma, one local hunter, Sgt. Travis Ocker, has just been confirmed to have the state record for largest archery non-typical deer harvest... and man, it is massive.

If you're not familiar, hunters 'score' their quarry using very specific measurements of a bucks rack. They include two different widths, overall height, and is further broken down into smaller detail measurements of each point.

Typically, in the state of Oklahoma, most hunters (+/- 90% including children) will release that arrow on considerably smaller, younger animals, measuring well below anything to brag about. What we consider a 'monster buck' in Oklahoma will score somewhere between 170 and 190 inches. Travis' non-typical, 28-point white tail scored an insane 245 2/8 inches overall! It's definitely something you'd be proud to hang on a wall.


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