Most people don't know this, but alligators are native to Oklahoma. Sure, you can see them at the zoo's and wildlife tourism places across the state, but way down in the sloughs and swampland of Southeast Oklahoma, they've been running wild there for millennia.

You didn't know Oklahoma had swamplands? What's wrong with you? I talk about this all the time... Oklahoma is the most ecologically diverse state in the nation as well as ranking up there for natural diversity across the world. Depending on the scientific paper you read, since they all vary a small amount, the long and short of it is, Oklahoma is home to eleven unique and truly different ecological regions within our borders, swamp and wetlands is one of them. It's almost a shame we're only known for our Great Plains land, because, well, it's such a small portion of Oklahoma that applies to.

Regardless, now is the time that the alligators start to get active again. As May slowly heats up, these toothy ancient lizards pop out of their winter hibernation and go about putting on the pounds by consuming whatever easy meal ends up on the business end of those teeth. Before you shoot off that email that alligators don't "hibernate," I know. Like snakes, they go though a period of brumation which is different, but if I said they're awakening from their brumation, most wouldn't know what I'm talking about.

If you wanted to make it a day trip, there are plenty of places where the state has placed viewing towers across the swamp so your odds of seeing one of these in the wild grow diamond hands and shoot to the moon. There's also guided tours available, but I'm sure you can google that on your own. Gators in Oklahoma... Just waiting for someone to coin the phrase "Gatornado" during a weather event down that way.

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