There's a lot of history in Oklahoma! And one Oklahoma restaurant recently established itself inside the state's first ever grain elevator in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Farming is the soul of Oklahoma. And with farming comes good food. Recently, two brothers opened their first restaurant inside Oklahoma's first grain elevator located in the heart of downtown Edmond.

Farmers Grain Kitchen + Cellar is exactly what you get - farm to table eats and curated wine selections, all inside a historic Oklahoma farming building. According to an article from Edmond Business, the building is the former Edmond Flour Mill, which was Oklahoma's first grain elevator and mill.

The brothers, Payne and Cy Mills, are both Okies with delicious talents. Payne is a trained chef and Cy is a sommelier. They bring together local Oklahoma foods paired with wine and experience from faraway lands. In the article, Cy said he wanted to bring to the restaurant "European comfort."

"... not an aesthetic, not an appeal, not an artistic approach, not a snootiness about is. When you go to Europe and eat, you sit down for hours with your family. That’s what I wanted people to do here. I wanted them to spend the time with their loved ones, put their phones away and enjoy their food, enjoy their beverages, and be here for three or four hours.”

Farmers Grain Kitchen + Cellar is a full fledge family affair. The brothers' father was interested in buying the old grain mill property, and the brothers saw an opportunity to make their joint restaurant dream come true.

The grain mill has been completely remodeled to what you see today - a casual upscale dining experience that celebrates the building's history. The best part is you can enjoy delicious local food paired with decedent wines.

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