Imagine running late for work because a bull is on the tracks in New York City.

What the Hell Is Going on in New York City This Morning?

If you have never been to New York City before, it's a f***ing nightmare to drive through. If you want to get anywhere efficiently, a lot of folks take trains. Well this morning folks trains were not arriving on time. That was due to a Texas Longhorn on the tracks. Some farmer is going to correct me on what kind of bull this is, but that looks like a longhorn to me.

Watch the Longhorn Running Loose in New York Below:

I am happy to report around 11AM (12PM eastern time in New York) the longhorn was successfully captured. However, this thing did delay all traffic coming into Penn Station for about an hour an half this morning. So I assume some people are having a rough start to their day.

Where Did This Longhorn Come From?

I have looked up several different sources in New York and New Jersey. No one seems to know how this longhorn ended up on the tracks up there. Maybe this is some crazy marketing thing to tune in for the College Football playoff (this is a joke by the way). I also looked up if any rodeos were in town, but those are not happening until mid January. So I doubt someone was getting ready that early.

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Whoever lost this Longhorn I imagine will be facing some pretty hefty fines. Can't just have a longhorn running loose on the tracks in Penn Station.

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