If you got a case of the munchies, you're not welcome here.

Sorry Stoners, You Have Been Warned

Sure a business has the right to refuse service to anyone. Just as long as it's not based on race, gender, disability, etc. However, in Dallas this week people noticed a sign outside of a Tex-Mex Restaurant. That simply said, "If You Have the Smell of Marijuana On We Will Not Serve You."

Check Out the Sign Below

From the picture you cannot tell where the sign is from, but from the comments. People have said it is E-Bar Texmex.

They look like they have some really good food, but if you decide to smoke a little before taking part in some food. You will want to go somewhere else. As the person in the Facebook post said, I can only imagine how bad the smell was to necessitate a sign.

Apparently This Has Been a Policy for Five Years?!

Although a lot of folks online are seeing the sign for the first time this week, according to the Dallas Observer this has been a policy for awhile. "People reeking of marijuana, it just ruins everybody's experience around them, you can't possibly have a great meal with someone who has that much odor," Ernie Quinlantan told the Observer.

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To me personally, I would rather kick out customers who have a strong smell of body odor, which unfortunately I have had to deal with at several restaurants throughout the years. Please folks it's over 100 degrees you MUST be wearing deodorant.

The good news for you stoners in the Dallas area, if you live within a three mile radius of the E Bar. They do offer delivery. So get your high on in the privacy of your own house and still enjoy their delicious Tex-Mex.

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