Ever been eating some delicious cookies and wish it came with a nice chunk of gold? Well wait no more, your dreams are coming true in Texas.

Texas May Now Have the Most Expensive Cookies in the World

When you google the most expensive cookies, the same thing keeps popping up. The "Core Collection" from The Last Crumb. A dozen cookies will cost $140. That's nothing compared to what the Austin, Texas based Tiff Treats is doing right now.

Tiff's Treats has over SEVENTY locations in Texas alone. They specialize in same day cookie delivery. However their latest delivery option has a lot of folks starting at that price tag.

Cookies With an Authentic Gold Bar

For the rich elite that don't feel like making their own cookies. Tiff's Treats has the perfect thing for you. Add a 1.5 oz gold bar to any of your orders for the low price of $2,500! Don't get me wrong, gold is a good thing to invest in. It's just strange that a cookie shop is having this option as an add on to your order.

You Can Also Add Jewelry to Your Order

For a more reasonable price, you can also add a necklace to your order. They vary in price from $58 to $70. Probably be an easy thing to add for a birthday or anniversary if your significant other loves cookies. However, a nice chunk of gold maybe taking it a little too far. If you're interested in buying one of these (since you have cash to burn send some my way) you can order one if a Tiff's Treats is near you. Check out their locations here.

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