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In case you were unaware in Oklahoma the past few weeks it has been a distracted driving awareness campaign. This is to honor a trooper who sadly lost their life to a distracted driver almost nine years ago. What's crazy, while this campaign is going on. A distracted Oklahoma driver nearly killed another trooper this week.

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Last week Oklahoma Highway Patrol shared this photo of a wreck where a distracted driver collided with a vehicle that was pulled over by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. That vehicle looks awful, but once you see the footage it is even worse.

Distracted Driver Nearly Kills Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper

Last night the Oklahoma Highway Patrol shared the footage of the now viral accident. Trooper Jesse Gregory was on the passenger side of the vehicle explaining the situation to the driver on why they were pulled over then out of nowhere a vehicle slams into the driver side of pulled over vehicle. It would have been a miracle that Trooper Gregory would have survived if he was on the driver side of this accident. After the slam, Trooper Gregory is seen rolling away. He goes silent for several seconds and then you hear him say he was struck. Thankfully everyone involved in the accident survived the ordeal.

Sadly, Another Oklahoma Trooper Was Killed Just a Few Days Prior

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol shared this photo of one of their deputies being struck back on January 5th. Deputy Jesus Mendoza was the one who was struck on this day and I am sad to pass along that he passed away due to the crash. Trooper Gregory spoke on his accident and his fellow patrolman passing away.

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"Deputy Jose Mendoza is a really good friend of mine, and he's our neighbor," Gregory told KWTV. "He was struck in the same situation. I was less than a mile from him and I was first on scene and called for help for him."

So remember folks, if an officer has someone pulled over. Move into the other lane, if you're unable to do so. Slow down. You should not be flying by an officer that has someone pulled over.

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