Here are the 10 death metal bands who write the sickest mosh riffs, as chosen by Creeping Death guitarist Trey Pemberton.

Creeping Death are one of the most promising relative newcomers in the death metal scene. The band formed in Denton, Texas back in 2015 and dished out a pair of EPs before issuing their pulverizing full length debut Wretched Illusions in 2019. Another EP, The Edge of Existence, arrived in 2021 and now the band's upward momentum continues on Boundless Domain, the 10-track brutalizer out now on MNRK Heavy.

The first taste of new music came via "Intestinal Wrap," a pit-ready track that features a guest appearance from death metal legend George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher of Cannibal Corpse fame. Watch the music video a bit further down this page.

Cross-pollinating crushing hardcore breakdowns with old school-inspired death metal, Creeping Death and Pemberton are beyond qualified to assert which bands are the absolute best at bringing the mosh!

Check out Pemberton's picks below.

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Creeping Death, "Intestinal Wrap" (ft. Corpsegrinder)

10 Death Metal Bands With the Sickest Mosh Riffs, Chosen by Creeping Death's Trey Pemberton

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