Fans online are sharing their reactions to the 2024 Mayhem Fest lineup consisting mostly of "newer" bands.

The single-day festival, which will take place Oct. 12 at the Glen Helen Amphitheater in San Bernardino, California, will be headlined by Bad Omens. Parkway Drive, Architects, Jinjer, Poppy, August Burns Red, Kittie and a lot more to round out the full lineup.


While some of these bands aren't necessarily "new," it's undeniably refreshing to see a bill made up mainly of groups that rose to prominence in the last decade or so. Quite a lot of fans have shared that sentiment as well, supporting the shift toward this crop of artists.

The last time the event took place was 2015, back when it was still a touring festival. After this year's event, however, Mayhem will return as a tour. Slayer, King Diamond, Hellyeah and The Devil Wears Prada were the main stage acts that year, before the annual tour was discontinued.

The fact that it's now been modified to a one-day-only occurrence makes it all the more special. Plus, for 19 of the artists on the bill, it'll be their Mayhem Fest debut.

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Many Fans Are Disappointed in the 2024 Mayhem Fest Lineup

Although Bad Omens and plenty of other metalcore acts have grown increasingly popular over the last few years, many fans online have expressed disappointment in the lineup, dubbing the event "metalcore fest."

"Hey remember how Mayhem Fest used to feature respected and notable legacy acts like Megadeth, Slayer, King Diamond, and Motorhead? Super cool to see this fest come back to become Warped Tour," one person wrote, with a few others making references to Warped Tour as well.

The main point of frustration appears to be the lack of legacy acts associated with the festival's past and ones that are still featured prominently at many other festivals.

Other Fans Commend Mayhem Festival for Highlighting Newer Bands

Not all the reactions to the lineup are bad, though.


Other fans praised the festival organizers for highlighting newer acts and offering a different type of lineup than most other modern festivals do and there's a lot of positive reactions found in the festival's Instagram comments.

"You know Mayhem Fest is back when the comments are full of giant man babies crying because their #realmetal bands aren't playing... this is a killer lineup," one person wrote.

"People don’t like change. If bad omens headlining bothers you then don’t go. The scene out grew you," another fan added, with many others sharing the same sentiments.

"Y'all gotta let the new generation come up. Pass the fuckin torch," adds another, fully backing a lineup that's more modern.

Read more of the comments by clicking the Instagram post below.

And someone gets to see their favorite band!

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