When it comes to the topic of pancakes, people separate into two different camps.

Those who like pancakes, and those that don't.

Personally, while I wouldn't refuse to eat pancakes, I much prefer waffles... It's a texture thing and I like the crispiness, but this pancake gets my longing gaze.


You'll find what has to be Oklahoma's biggest pancakes at Kitchen No. 324 in Downtown OKC.

Just look at this absolute unit of a pancake.

@ryaninoklahoma The biggest pancake in Oklahoma City is at Kitchen No. 324. Located downtown okc. The pancake was so big and look at the butter squares, they have flaky sea salt. Have you been? 📍 324 N Robinson Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73102

It's like the size of a half-stack all in one, and for $14 it had better be as delicious as RyaninOklahoma says it is.

Out of curiosity, I took a peek at the menu over on Kitchen's website. In terms of breakfast, they mean business.

As a person who fully appreciates breakfast for dinner any night of the week, it might be a must on the list of eateries you'll have to try next time you're in OKC.

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