Slipknot just played two nights at Knotfest Japan as part of their tour for last year’s The End, So Far LP. Among the highlights was the official debut of drummer Jay Weinberg’s latest mask (which he teased on social media beforehand), and fans have already shared plenty of supportive reactions.

Yesterday afternoon (April 1), Weinberg posted a few images of the mask to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, explaining that it was made in collaboration with Japanese artist Solid Blackline. He stated:

It’s an honor to collaborate with Japanese painter @solid_blackline for my mask this weekend, specially designed for @knotfestjapan. The organic, flowing shapes of his high-contrast designs evoke feelings of mysticism and beauty, balanced within the duality of chaos and order one feels as a visitor in this wondrous country.

There’s truly no better way to further immerse ourselves within everything that @knotfestjapan stands for — to share our love for Japan, and its rich artistic culture — than to welcome local talent through collaboration with our own expression through this weekend’s performances. どうもありがとうございました, @solid_blackline!  See you tonight, Tokyo!

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Since then, he’s uploaded another photo of the mask, as well as a couple of short clips from the band’s two performances.

Of course, fans were more than happy to comment with a wide range of reactions. For instance, one Twitter user declared: “That mask is no joke! Bad-ass!” while an Instagram fan wrote: “oh my god. this is genuinely the most beautiful and awesome mask you have ever had. 10/10 maybe my favourite jay mask???”

Of course, frontman Corey Taylor recently debuted his own fun look at Knotfest Australia (where the band was forced to pause their sets due to fans climbing up speaker towers).

You can view Weinberg’s posts – and some choice reactions – below, as well as see footage of Slipknot performing “Disasterpiece” and “Wait and Bleed.”

Also, you can see all of Slipknot’s remaining tour dates here, and grab your tickets here!

Slipknot Performing “Disasterpiece” + “Wait and Bleed” at Knotfest Japan (April 1, 2023)

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